A call for the public to help Save Palomar Health!

Citizens “To Save Palomar Health” is a coalition of community leaders, doctors, nurses and staff at Palomar Health and in the North County who want to provide, and receive the best possible patient care. We want to promote the highest quality patient care at Palomar Medical Center, and to help in the continuing mission “to heal, comfort, and promote health in the communities we serve.

The current elected Board of Directors and highly paid administrators of Palomar Health, the voter-controlled District that operates Palomar and Pomerado hospitals, have managed and overseen a slow steady decline in the quality of healthcare delivered to the North County patients.  This slow decline has taken a very steep downward slide in the last three months.  Administrators and the elected Board of Directors have negotiated disastrous medical service contracts, which we believe lower the standard of health care to patients, and endanger patient safety. This same group of ineffective leaders dismissed over 300 experienced nurses, support staff, and security staff further endangering patient care and patient safety.

These misdirected and capricious decisions, made by the current administration, have led to patients dying while waiting to be seen in the emergency room; waiting 6 to 8 hours to be admitted to the hospital while the pandemic of Covid 19 continues to threaten our community.

We ask all the citizens of our community to join us and demand that the elected board of directors and the chief executive officer of the organization provide better service to our community. The Citizens to Save Palomar Health will hold these people accountable to live up to “PROMISES MADE” of providing the best medical care. The District leadership and Board who do not have the passion and commitment to the patients of the District should repair and rebuild what is broken immediately or resign!

Support this effort through your concern, contributions and continued involvement. We need your voice and full support

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